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Candle Story – A one night stand

The rains in the mountains aren’t easy. They tend to slow you down to a snail’s pace. At times, the network is fully disrupted and the electricity can be gone for long hours. The silence of the mountains, the green landscape void of any interruptions, allowed me some time to observe and cherish the otherwise mundane functionalities.

On one such evening, the caretaker of my place left two candles to keep me company through the night and beat the darkness. The bright yellow flames of the candles enticed me.

With nothing to do, all my attention got directed towards them. I noticed that neither of the candles were exactly straight nor the same size. One was taller and flawed, with a slight bend. It managed to stand straight without becoming stuck, whereas the other was slender, a little wobbly, and almost cute in appearance.

Both of them stood tall and proud, illuminating the room beautifully. Together, they shone ever brighter. The monsoon wind had a certain rhythm and the candles were almost dancing passionately in an intimate tango. They were finding joy, cocooned in their own world, creating memories and flowing with the flow. It was a sight to behold.

A short while after, one of the candles began to wobble. As if, realising that it was losing its strength, it reached out to the other one needing support, warmth, love, and mush. The more it leaned in, the more the other candle felt the impact, but stood strong and firm, extending the support.

After a while, the candles look contented, almost as if the time they spent shining together had strengthened them. And now both had some space and were standing on their own. The play of their flames was full of warm memories. In the safe space, both of them were shining as individuals, yet revelling in the companionship and respect for each other.

It was almost like the ironies of our lives. Like the moments when we all stumble, are weighed down, and seek support, even if only temporarily, to regain our footing. If we are fortunate, just like the candle, we will discover that place and that warmth and unwavering love.

After many hours of giving light, one of them died out and the other endured the space of solitude till its time.

Their companionship bore an uncanny resemblance to our own lives. When life’s serendipity brings perfectly imperfect and flawed people together, those who shine from their individual spaces and spend time avidly shining even brighter together, giving each other room to be, to grow, and complete their journey.

I am immensely grateful to these insignificant candles who kept me company and lit the room for the entire night. My one-night stand with these candles was full of priceless memories.


Relationships of a romantic kind are not the only context for connection and being. These considerations apply to any type of connection or friendship that we may be pursuing.

What will make relationships allow the space to shine and thrive in their individual capacities?

How can relationships become mature without the insecurity of loss?

What in relationships will allow more joy, sensitivity, intimacy, keeping it burning till the end of whatever is left?

What can make perfectly flawed people co-exist with all their differences?

How can relationships be held more gently than in clasped and entangled ways?

Can relationships be without ties but out of a desire to be?

Let me know your thoughts.




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